Sister and friendship cities

Kashiwa City conducts youth exchange programs with four overseas sister and friendship cities (Torrance, Guam, Chengde, and Camden), and has conducted friendship and goodwill activities such as citizen-level exchanges as part of anniversary events for several decades.

【Torrance 50th anniversary video (digest version)】

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Torrance (USA)

■■■2023 Torrance Delegation Kashiwa Youths Return Report ■■■
Students (high school and university students) who visited the sister city, Torrance, U.S.A. this year will share their valuable experiences with accompanying video.

Date & Time: Sunday, November 19, 2:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m. (Registration from 1:30 p.m.)
Place: Palette Kashiwa Open Space
Registration: Not required, please come directly to the venue on the day.

Citizens' Delegation Tour to Torrance to Commemorate the 50th Anniversary of Sister City Affiliation (2/16-2/23)

A total of 44 Kashiwa citizens, including Mayor Kazumi Ota, City Council Chair, Mr. Norihito Tsumuraya, city officials, and some of the members of the Kashiwa International Relations Association, visited Torrance in California on February16 to 23. The visitors received a hearty welcome from Mayor George Chen of Torrance, as well as Torrance Sister City Association members, and many other citizens.

At the welcoming ceremony in front of the City Hall, many city employees welcomed us by waving the small national flags of Japan and the U.S., and the Torrance citizen's chorus sang the national anthems of the two countries. They made us feel deeply grateful for the peace relationship. As was customary, a commemorative cherry tree planting was held on the City Hall grounds. At the Torrance Art Museum, a special exhibition by Japanese and Japanese American artists was being held to celebrate our 50th anniversary. At Torrance North High School, which is the sister school of Kashiwa Municipal High School, the students also sang the national anthems of both countries for us. At lunch time, we enjoyed conversations in Japanese with the high school students who were taking Japanese language classes. After lunch, they gave us a school tour of their large campus, where 1, 800 students study. That evening, the delegation was divided into two groups: the Mayor's Dinner group and the Home Visit group. At the home visit, the visitors made new friendships with the newly acquainted families. At the picnic in Wilson Park, all of us wore the yellow sister city T-shirts and renewed old friendships. There was even a reunion of a former Kashiwa exchange student and his Torrance host family member, who had not seen each other in decades. On the last day, the Sayonara Banquet featured the 50th anniversary signing by the two mayors, and we paid tribute to Mikko Haggott Henson, who passed away last year and was instrumental in the establishment of the sister city agreement. We pledged to further strengthen the ties between the two cities. A delegation from Torrance is scheduled to visit Kashiwa this October.

【Torrance Mission Visits Kashiwa (10/5-10/9)】

A delegation commemorating the 50th anniversary of the sister city relationship with Torrance arrived in Kashiwa on October 5th and stayed until the 9th. Mayor Chen and his wife, all city council members, and 43 people from sister cities. On the 6th, they visited City Hall for a welcome ceremony. When we got off the bus at the main entrance, city hall staff, sister city officials, and citizens were waiting for us, waving American flags and Japanese flags in their hands and giving us a grand welcome. A welcome ceremony was held in the plaza behind City Hall with the participation of many Kashiwa residents. After the national anthems of Japan and the United States were played and greetings were given by both mayors, Mayor Ota presented 50th anniversary T-shirts to all visiting delegates. Afterwards, we toured Smart City Kashiwa-no-ha, took a self-driving bus to the University of Tokyo, and enjoyed lunch at the campus buffet.
In the afternoon, they visited the city council and watched as the resolution to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the sister city relationship and pray for the continuation of the sister city relationship was adopted and passed unanimously.
They enjoyed a brass band performance at Municipal Kashiwa High School, and in the evening a welcome party was held at the Crest Hotel where the delegation was staying.
The next day, a commemorative tree planting was held at Furusato Park. Afterwards, he walked with Mayor Ota along Torrance Street in Kitakashiwa, and the idea that he had proposed was met with cheers. At the adjacent Furusato Park, the children participated in the Warabi Nursery School's sports day, enjoyed singing by the Kashiwa Boys and Girls Choir, participated in the Yosakoi Senjin dance, and enjoyed the Kitakashiwa Town Association's marche. In the afternoon there is a home visit. The 43-person delegation was divided into groups of two to three people and invited to the homes of ordinary citizens for lunch. We visited Torrance in February, experienced a home visit, became friends with people, and asked to accept us in return, which was a great help. It seems that the people of Torrance also enjoyed spending time with their families. At night, we split up into small groups and went to pubs and other places frequented by ordinary people. I enjoyed the yakitori and yakiniku.
On the 8th, we took a bus to Tokyo Tower and Asakusa, and in the evening we had a farewell party. Many past students and host families came to say goodbye. There were a variety of people returning to Japan the next day, including those who headed directly to Narita, those who went sightseeing in Japan such as Kyoto and Kanazawa, and those who traveled to South Korea.
We were very happy that the welcome ceremony was held in an open space for the first time, and that the general public also participated. Furthermore, during our visit to Torrance Street in Kitakashiwa, we not only received the cooperation of various organizations, but also the general public, and we were very happy to see that we were able to further expand this new circle of international exchange.
When I visited Torrance from Kashiwa in February, I received heartfelt and warm hospitality from Mayor Chen and everyone else. We were worried about whether we would be able to provide the same kind of feedback when everyone came to Kashiwa, but I think they were happy with the preparations we made online, our own ingenuity, and our heartfelt hospitality. Mayor Ota's active participation in the event, Chairman Kosuge's enthusiasm, the cooperation of the general public, and the efforts of the Torrance Committee members served as the driving force for a new friendship.

WelcomeParty Speach
Torrance Mayor Chen
Donna TSCA Chairman
Mayor of Kashiwa Ota
Kosuge KIRA Chairman

In the process of discussing a sister club relationship with a U.S. city, the Kashiwa Lions Club advised Kashiwa City and the City Council in June 1970 that "a sister relationship with a similar city in the United States”, would be desirable for the cultural improvement of Kashiwa City. Later, in November 1971, at the Pacific Asian Cities Conference in Hawaii, the two mayors exchanged opinions on sister city affiliation.

Then, in January 1972, Torrance City proposed a sister city affiliation to Kashiwa City. At a meeting of the Kashiwa City Council members held in January 1973, the sister city affiliation was approved. Following this, the mayors of both cities signed the agreement in Torrance on February 20, 1973.

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Torrance Sister City Association

Chengde (China)

In January 1980, when the Japan-China Friendship Kashiwa citizens' delegation led by Kashiwa City Mayor visited China, Mr. Sun Ping-hua, Secretary General of China-Japan Friendship Association, introduced Chengde City to the delegation. This led to a series of exchanges of opinions between the two cities, and three years later, on November 1, 1983, a friendship city agreement was signed in Kashiwa.

Guam (USA)

The exchange with Guam started through the Kashiwa Festival. Miss Kashiwa was awarded a trip to Guam as a supplementary prize, and since 1985, Miss Guam and a representative of the Guam Visitors Bureau have participated in the Kashiwa Festival. The Kashiwa Green Lions Club and the Marianas Lions Club of Guam became sister clubs in February 1990, and exchanges deepened through youth exchange programs, etc. In May 1991, a petition requesting a goodwill alliance between Kashiwa City and the Guam government was submitted and adopted by the regular city council of Kashiwa in June 1991. The petition was adopted by the city council in June 1991. The mayor of Kashiwa City wrote to the governor of Guam in July 1991, and the governor readily agreed to a friendship city affiliation. On November 30,1991, the signing of the friendship city agreement took place in Guam.

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Camden (Australia)

In September 1989, Shonan International Friendship Association (SIFA) was established at the call of Shonan Town. In response to the call for a sister city abroad, SIFA conducted its own research and survey of the town’s residents, and as a result, the town of Camden emerged. After Mayor Camden came to Shonan Town in June 1993, 10 junior and senior high school students from Shonan experienced a 13-day homestay in Camden for the first time in August 1994. In November, 57 band members from Camden High School came to Shonan to perform and do a homestay. Since then, many exchanges have taken place, and in April 1997, a friendship city agreement was signed between Shonan and Camden. In 2005, after the merger of Kashiwa City and Shonan Town, Camden became a friendship city of Kashiwa.

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Youth Exchange Program

The Torrance, Camden, and Chengde exchange programs have been cancelled for the year 2021.

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